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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Enjoy the time you have

Today I woke up to the laughter of my mom and her friends. Beautiful cougars that I sat with until 3 am this past night. We ate, laughed and told each other out most precious secrets. I have to send some love to them, because I know that they are a few out of a [...]

11 days left!

Tomorrow, it’s my last day on my job as a Barista at a coffee shop. I’ve worked there for three years now and to be honest, it feels great to leave Because since I don’t have that much time left here in Sweden, I need the rest of it for my family and friends instead [...]

Bad updates!

I’m so sorry! I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had the time or inspiration to blog. I PROMISE that I’m gonna take care of things tomorrow. But I have got to go to bed now if I want to workout before work. And after work, I’m going for a walk and some time [...]


Today I finally feel normal again, haha. This friday, I went with my friends to a party in Båstad. Båstad is hosting tennisweek right now. It was really fun and I went home quite early so I went to sleep at about two o’clock. I worked from 15-21 yesterday and I was so tired so [...]

High School Exchange t-shirt!


Shelter Listen to that song while you read, if you want. My mother is my best friend like the pillow you cry on when you’re sad, the security-blanket you had as a child or that favorite stuffed animal that you used to hug every night. She follows me through thick and thin, she guides me [...]


I had to work for 1 ½ hours more then expected.. Kind of tired right now. PLUS, I woke up with a cold this morning and by Not resting, I feel a lot better.. Positive Hannie right? Haha. Well, tonight, me and my friend Louise is going to the cinema to watch part two of the [...]

25 days left until departure

Today it’s 25 days left. I can’t get that much sleep because I over-think everything. I can’t stop thinking about my job, my drivers license that I should be ready to take next week, what I should pack, how I will get the time to see all of my friends before I go, my workouts [...]

Hi, this is me.

My name is Hannie. I’m an eighteen year-old girl from Sweden who is looking forward an exchange year in Nixa, Missouri, USA. Here, I will keep my family and friends updated while inspiring and helping people that have been thinking about an exchange year. This will also work as my virtual diary that I can [...]