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Listen to that song while you read, if you want.

My mother is my best friend like the pillow you cry on when you’re sad, the security-blanket you had as a child or that favorite stuffed animal that you used to hug every night.

She follows me through thick and thin, she guides me whenever I’m lost and I am terrible at appreciating her as much as I should.
I try to tell her everyday, how beautiful she is and how good she is to me.
But lately I’ve been a whole different Hannie. An evil one when I haven’t slept for so many hours as I should, if I don’t feel good, when I’m confused or when I just feel like crying.

I want to be the same, good old Hannie like I’m used to.
If you would ask people, like I actually have.
They would say that I’m a happy, energetic, nice and honest girl that always has a smile on her face. I want to be that girl. And tomorrow, after work. I AM going to go to bed at 10 o’clock! ‘Cause I have to sleep better at night. So I can support my mother the same way that she supports me.


I love you mom, and I hope that I get to keep you for many many years to come ♥
The same thing goes for you dad, you’re great and I love you! 

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