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I’m leaving my house in 30 min. I’ll write about yesterday some other time when I can! And I’ll post something when I’ve settled down. It’s gonna’ be a crazy ride Usa, here I come.

Last day in Sweden

Woke up this morning and I don’t really have the time to write anything but I’ll do it anyway.. I have to eat breakfast, put some decorations on our smorgascake, clean my room, my closet and the rest of the house, buy some extra things and swedish things for my host-family, toothbrush, take a shower, [...]


One of my best friends, Amanda, is also going away this year and she didn’t even have a host-family until last tuesday and she is STILL flying away before me. She’s leaving on thursday and my departure is this saturday. So, she had planned to have a party before she’s leaving and that was supposed [...]

High School Exchange t-shirt!

25 days left until departure

Today it’s 25 days left. I can’t get that much sleep because I over-think everything. I can’t stop thinking about my job, my drivers license that I should be ready to take next week, what I should pack, how I will get the time to see all of my friends before I go, my workouts [...]