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Monthly Archives: November 2011

A Work Out

Week 3, Day 7. Kenpo X, let’s go! Working off the Thanksgiving food w/Jessi Hahahaha, who says that life is more fun if you’re serious? Definitely not one of us.


It is the 24th of November and I’m in Nixa, Missouri in America. Today, it’s Thanksgiving and during the Thanksgiving day, you are supposed to think about everything that you are thankful for and spend time with the ones that you love. I’m here, with my host-family. I just made my cheesecake from scratch and [...]


Yeah and btw, We had a girls-night for Kelsey’s birthday last friday, we went downtown to eat sushi at Kai’s and it was such a fun night! Pretty ladies! I know that I look like a giant BUT I do have my heels on and I AM about 2 inches taller than all of them [...]

See the world through a new perspective

live for today, and for what the future will bring. I will let go of all my troubles that the past brought upon me and just live carefree. Taking care of my mental, emotional and physical health everyday and to set new goals that I later on will and have reached, is my new philosophy. [...]


2011-11-18 kl. 15.17(3.17pm)


Saknar okomplicerade, kravlösa Sverige och friheten som man har där! Haha. Det är faktiskt en stor skillnad när man helt plötsligt inte kan ta sig NÅGONSTANS utan att någon kör en. I miss how uncomplicated Sweden is. And the freedom and feeling of no pressure I have when I’m there. It does make a huge [...]