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Monthly Archives: September 2011

What are the odds?

I was super pumped about going home to study and run on the treadmill……. Just to realize that I left my running shoes in the locker room at school since I RAN to the bus, for the first time and I was with the football guys 8th hour so I didn’t have the time to [...]


A pic on all of the exchange students from this weekend. Yesterday, we lost against Kickapoo. But it was SO close! And one of our top players is injured so we fought well! And we’re coming after our biggest rivals today, Ozark. Mary and I, are gonna stay at the school when the bell rings [...]

Eventful weekend

Friday night was the football game and after that, I hung out with some of the basketball girls that seems like a group of awesome girls as well. And now, I’m so excited about basketball season. I just have to make sure that I make the team! Went up six am. Saturday morning to go [...]

A new day

Just skype’d with my awesome friend Wall-e from Sweden. Miss her so much! And it’s so weird that she had to hang up to go in to town and her time was 1.30! I was first making my breakfast and ended the call when I’d almost ate it all. Is there a better start to [...]

Just do it!

Okay, let’s get this over with before I forget what I’ve done these past weeks. Friday, we had a homegame and the footballgame was away so we missed that one, buhu! Saturday, we had a tournament and Linda, my host-mom, picked me up at five in Springfield to go see PBR (Professional bull riders) which [...]


Okay, I’m definitely posting a review of the last week tomorrow! Now, I’ve got to go to sleep feeling like there’s a bright future out there for me, like I usually feel when I’m calling it a day. Sweet dreams!

Every time

Okay, my plans didn’t work out. We got off at 4.30 but our ride didn’t arrive until 5.10 so now I’m home, 15 minutes earlier instead of 90. But I can’t change the past, right? So now I’m just gonna try to make the most of the time that I’ve got left of this day. [...]


I am sorry, my friends are complaining to me about not posting anything but I got home 10.45 pm (22.45) and I am too tired! I think I will have time to write some stuff about the weekend, the days that has past and what my plans are for the rest of the week. GOT [...]


I know that I should make posts everyday but I just don’t really find the inspiration and I didn’t take any pictures this weekend. But what I can do is to explain my weekend! Friday; I didn’t go to practice because I had to study and fix for that nights football game and ┬ámy first [...]

Okay I know..

I’m terrible at this! I don’t have the time to blog and tomorrow I have School, pep-rally-thing for football and to remember 9/11, volleyball, football game and then HOMECOMING!!!!!!!!! Ah! I have SO much things to do and SO little time! I’m booked all weekend so I’m just going to try to blog whenever I [...]