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Questions and Answers

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Jessica, my host-sister.

I can’t even begin to explain how much this girl means to me. She was my rock and guardian angel during my exchange year and I would never be who I am today if I wouldn’t have met her. First time we met was at an early volleyball practice at seven in the morning that [...]

August 2011 in Pictures

This is how I looked when I first came to Nixa, Missouri. This was my first visit to Silver Dollar city with my first Host-mom and my exchange student friend, Mary from Italy. This is Mary, she was an amazing friend and we could talk about things that no one would ever understand in America. [...]


A few days ago I was asked about the boyfriend I had for some time during my exchange year. “What were you thinking, going into a relationship when you knew that you had to leave?” That’s just the thing, I wasn’t thinking, I let my heart choose for me. I didn’t want to decide anything, [...]


Family, Best friends, friends, boyfriends. There are going to be many people through your life that will have an impact on your life and the way you choose to live it. Some people will come closer to your heart, some maybe just your brain, but every person you meet is most definitely going to effect [...]

To be back home

I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels like this, but after my trip to America, I have had some trouble with finding myself. Though I’m so much more confident in who I am, I have no idea of what I want out of life. I went away, I didn’t know anybody, I [...]

Emotional roller coaster

You ARE going to be extremely torn. You will want to go home during the year, but when those last couple of weeks arrive, you wont be able to understand that all of these amazing things actually happend to you and that you were the lucky one to be accepted and loved by your friends [...]


Shelter Listen to that song while you read, if you want. My mother is my best friend like the pillow you cry on when you’re sad, the security-blanket you had as a child or that favorite stuffed animal that you used to hug every night. She follows me through thick and thin, she guides me [...]

Hi, this is me.

My name is Hannie. I’m an eighteen year-old girl from Sweden who is looking forward an exchange year in Nixa, Missouri, USA. Here, I will keep my family and friends updated while inspiring and helping people that have been thinking about an exchange year. This will also work as my virtual diary that I can [...]