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Monthly Archives: August 2011


I have gotten use to the food here now and I eat A LOT! All the time, every time I can get my hands on something healthy. Everyday I bring carrots, watermelon, a big sandwich (dubbeldäckare.. or two), lots and lots of water and some more snacks to have before volleyball. I eat all that [...]

Time flies!

“Yeah, I’ve been here for 3 weeks now and I’ve got a bunch of lovely friends already that is planning to come to Sweden and visit. I have school tomorrow again and I should really go to bed so, to all of you daydreamers out there. I can just say, do you want to be the [...]

About the recordings

Film 2011-08-28 kl. 19.26

American Football

Me and Jessica  Regan! Rachael Haley  I got wind in my hair since we had all of the windows + the sunroof opened.  Rachael and I  ”Only for you Ted” – Regan        


Guess what I’m going to write about tomorrow..


I was so tired today and if I’m going to make it through the day tomorrow, I have to go to bed now! I have one test in Health class tomorrow and one in Human Anatomy. Have this feeling that I will do the Health test a little better than H.A, h-a-h-a…. Oh well. I’m [...]


(4 days earlier) I’m never going to forget this. Doing dance jumps in the gym during volleyball water-break. First time, good! Second time, falling on my ‘behind’ after the last jump and closing my ‘act’ with the peace sign, lying on my back with a slaughtered butt. Hahahaha, the worst ever! I don’t really know [...]


Okey, yesterday, I couldn’t even log in to my blog and now the theme doesn’t work so I changed it and I have to see what’s wrong when I come home from school. This Friday night, me and the girls where all dressed up and went to a Japanese restaurant where ONE meal would be [...]

Lack of time

Okey, the classes have been the same way every day now but the volleyball….. Both tuesday and wednesday, we had more then 2 hours volleyball and THEN circuit training in the weightlifting room for at least 45 minutes and then stretch. 3 hours every day. It feels good though. But the burn of sore muscles, [...]

Girls girls girls

There wasn’t any Volleyball Practice today, they were only taking pictures. So after that, me and Mary got a ride with Rachael but I had time to do whatever so Me and Rachael went to Olive garden and eat pastas. I’m so glad that I found some real, true girls here! She is so nice [...]