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Some of the Youtube videos that I’ve posted are much better quality if watched on fullscreen on Youtube!


Here are three different clips from graduation. I took some pieces here and there and put it together.
The second clip is where the seniors from all of the choirs sing “For Good” from the musical The Wicked.
Ellen Pate sings the first verse and I got to sing the second one. To sing that solo meant so much and I’m so thankful for that opportunity!

I just need to thank Nixa High School for taking me in and letting me walk at graduation too, it was so surreal to me and I’m going to carry that experience with me for the rest of my life.
The people that are zoomed in are mostly people that I got pretty close to and/or hung out with a lot in school and on my free time. My Mom didn’t tape the whole things so not everyone could be on this but I’m glad that I recognized some people!



Project graduation

So, as all of you probably know, the age limit for drinking is 21 while the age limit for a drivers license is 16.

Since Graduation is a huge celebration, the society knows that kids might want to party in the wrong way.
To prevent people from getting hurt, drinking and driving, or doing something else that might put them in danger, my school had a thing they called “Project Graduation”. They told us all to gather at a certain time, about 9 pm (21.00) if I’m not mistaken. From that place, everybody parked their cars and we went by bus to a huge building where they had different rooms with different activities. They had different inflatable things where you could race through a course, you could push each other off of a pedestal etc. They had limbo, climbing walls, a water park where you could play and so much more!
We had to stay there until 6 am, 6 in the morning, so we were pretty tired after that, haha. It was so much fun though, and your parents knew that you were safe doing a school activity so it was a really good idea.

They also had a photo booth, and here are two pictures of me and my three Human Anatomy homies, Garrett, Chris, and Peyson. The first one is of Garrett, Peyson and I. These guys made my day every time I walked in to my Anatomy class. I miss them so much and I can’t wait until I get to see them again.

Pictures from Graduation

We threw our caps, and we were officially graduated.
This was so weird, I’ve seen this so many times in the movies and now I finally got to experience it too,
with people I love and memories that I will always keep close to my heart.

This is Harumi, an exchange student from Japan.
She is such a wonderful girl and I loved how she smiled every time I saw her.

This is my Dad, my Mom and I after the ceremony.
They came to visit a few days before and could see how I lived and they were so happy to
be able to see everything and all of the places where I’ve been the last year.

Regan, Molly, Me, Brady, Conner, Haley and Jessica.
My graduating fellow classmates, seniors and friends.

Football, Track, Basketball and Volleyball related pictures

Prom pictures

Random pictures from throughout the year


Here are pictures of me with a few of my closest friends.
The second picture is from my room here in Sweden where I put memories and different pictures of my friends.
The last picture is of my sisters and I. (in order; Kristi, me and Jessica)

Random pictures from trips

First four pictures are from a senior trip where we all went to Silver Dollar City.
Mandi and I, Jessi and I, Tony, Dean and I, Jessi and Mandi.

Then it’s a picture from Panera Bread, one of my favorite places to eat!
In San Diego, California where I went with my parents.

A picture with Regan, me and some guys I got to know at a college called Mizzou where I went with Regan and her family. Regan is now playing volleyball for that college and
I hope that I will be able to visit there soon again!

Last picture is from where our mens basketball team went to the state championship in
Columbia. Such a beautiful day with wonderful people.


The first few pictures are from Human Anatomy with Peyson, Jalen and Garrett. Then it’s Courtney and I in the cafeteria, such a sweet girl!
Kelsey and I in choir class, Bailey and I in our sports locker room.
And last but not least, the lunch crew! Only the girls though.
Think about the nightmare scenario where you have to eat lunch in the bathroom,
luckily, I didn’t have to. These girls (and boys) are so smart and they achieved so much
in high school and I know that they will go far and achieve what ever they set their
minds to be in the future. They have huge hearts and care so much about the world.
I sure miss those third lunch periods that we shared.