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Project graduation

So, as all of you probably know, the age limit for drinking is 21 while the age limit for a drivers license is 16.

Since Graduation is a huge celebration, the society knows that kids might want to party in the wrong way.
To prevent people from getting hurt, drinking and driving, or doing something else that might put them in danger, my school had a thing they called “Project Graduation”. They told us all to gather at a certain time, about 9 pm (21.00) if I’m not mistaken. From that place, everybody parked their cars and we went by bus to a huge building where they had different rooms with different activities. They had different inflatable things where you could race through a course, you could push each other off of a pedestal etc. They had limbo, climbing walls, a water park where you could play and so much more!
We had to stay there until 6 am, 6 in the morning, so we were pretty tired after that, haha. It was so much fun though, and your parents knew that you were safe doing a school activity so it was a really good idea.

They also had a photo booth, and here are two pictures of me and my three Human Anatomy homies, Garrett, Chris, and Peyson. The first one is of Garrett, Peyson and I. These guys made my day every time I walked in to my Anatomy class. I miss them so much and I can’t wait until I get to see them again.

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