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Daily Archives: July 12th, 2011


Shelter Listen to that song while you read, if you want. My mother is my best friend like the pillow you cry on when you’re sad, the security-blanket you had as a child or that favorite stuffed animal that you used to hug every night. She follows me through thick and thin, she guides me [...]


I had to work for 1 ½ hours more then expected.. Kind of tired right now. PLUS, I woke up with a cold this morning and by Not resting, I feel a lot better.. Positive Hannie right? Haha. Well, tonight, me and my friend Louise is going to the cinema to watch part two of the [...]

25 days left until departure

Today it’s 25 days left. I can’t get that much sleep because I over-think everything. I can’t stop thinking about my job, my drivers license that I should be ready to take next week, what I should pack, how I will get the time to see all of my friends before I go, my workouts [...]