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25 days left until departure

Today it’s 25 days left.

I can’t get that much sleep because I over-think everything. I can’t stop thinking about my job, my drivers license that I should be ready to take next week, what I should pack, how I will get the time to see all of my friends before I go, my workouts and to have time with only myself. My advice, if you’re thinking about going away as an exchange student.
Work as much as you can on holidays and weekends and SAVE the money that you earn. Don’t waste it on shopping, restaurants or coffee.
It’s not that I shop that much or is a big spender. It’s just that I would’ve wanted to have just a little more freetime now, during my summer-break.
But I love my colleagues, our regulars that comes in everyday and I’m glad that I have a job. It’s just that i don’t have that much time left. On Saturday it’s 3 weeks left until I go.

My work today starts at eleven so if I can get the time now or later this week, I will write about which company I’m traveling with, how the preparing-camp and meeting was, how many exchange-student friends I have gotten and my visit to the American Embassy in Stockholm.

I will also share how I will live, how my host-family are (but now too much since I don’t know how involved they want to be in my blog) and my thoughts about everything and most of all how I’m going to pack. Because I know, since I’ve been reading a lot of these kind of blogs, that I missed that part. No one wrote about how and what they packed and I would want to know and get tips so I will give you that.

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