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Enjoy the time you have

Today I woke up to the laughter of my mom and her friends.
Beautiful cougars that I sat with until 3 am this past night.
We ate, laughed and told each other out most precious secrets.
I have to send some love to them, because I know that they are
a few out of a couple girls that I know, will keep my mother company while I’m gone.

Sitting in my couch and reflecting on everything I learned by talking to these women.
I have felt that, these 9 days that I have left, I have to take time to do as much as possible, and of course, that’s true. Live while you can ’cause now is the time to live.
BUT. These women are between 40 and 60 and they are still having the time of their lives. I loved to sit and listen to what they HAVE done and what they ARE doing. In some ways, they are as much teenager as I am.

So, I’m thinking about going for a walk and then I’m going to my hairdresser before I take the train to Helsingborg where they have a festival going on right now.
I’m going to see a lot of friends from school as well as my usual girlfriends.

Some pictures that I took in Photobooth on my Mac last night, Hahaha, enjoy:

No, I don’t have blue hair…


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