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Today I finally feel normal again, haha.

This friday, I went with my friends to a party in Båstad.
Båstad is hosting tennisweek right now. It was really fun and I went home quite early so I went to sleep at about two o’clock.

I worked from 15-21 yesterday and I was so tired so I stayed home. My friends wanted me to come to another party in Båstad but I ate a perfect dinner with mom and dad and then, they wanted to take a walk down to the beach and take a drink so I joined them. It was really cosy and I slept like a baby this past night so mom woke me up at nine this morning and had my breakfast ready. I always do semolina pudding for myself every day so it was a pleasant surprise to have it done and ready when I went downstairs.

I have cleaned my room and closet and instead of lunch we had Brunch with mom, dad, my brothers and my oldest brothers son who is one and a half years old.
We had a buffé with fruit, vegetables, mini-american-pancakes, whipped cream, sausages, bacon and bread. It was extremely good and it’s not often when we have the whole family together. Since I’m leaving, I really appreciate the times when I can see my brothers.

But now, I’m going out for a ride in the car, study for my drivers-license and I’ll be home when it’s a little darker outside and then I will write a little about what I will pack and maybe post some photos and e-mail my host-family.

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