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Eventful weekend

Friday night was the football game and after that, I hung out with some of the basketball girls that seems like a group of awesome girls as well. And now, I’m so excited about basketball season. I just have to make sure that I make the team!

Went up six am. Saturday morning to go to Rolla with 30 other exchange students.
We walked in a parade with people from all over the world and everywhere you look were different flags.
We had students from Japan, Vietnam, Brazil, Germany, Chile, Norway, Sweden(!), Pakistan, Korea, Lebanon etc.
So I learned a lot and we had a lot to talk about, which was actually really fun.
Cultural differences, languages.
I didn’t know what to expect from this trip but I enjoyed it a lot.

At the parade thing, every country had their own tent so it was like a market and we had our own where we talked about exchange students and tried to tell people that they should consider hosting one.
I started to talk to this woman that has a son that wants to go to Japan, and she was so much calmer when she left.
Since I couldn’t stop talking about how lucky I am to have so many friends here, being involved in a lot of different stuff here and just having the time of my life, experiencing things that some people never get the chance to.

After that, we went to our hotel and then we went to a huge house where we went rollerskating, lazer tagging, lazer mazing and just laughing and hanging out. It was weird that most of the other were about 15-16 and for those of you that don’t know, I’m 18. But I mostly hung out with Markus from Sweden, Valentin, and Andre from Germany that night. I usually end up with hanging with the guys in those situations ’cause they’re just crazy, haha!

Sunday, we went to a fishing place, I think that that was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. Awesome surroundings!
I’m gonna post pictures later, I don’t have the time right now.
After that, we went zip lining, climbing and jumping. That was also a lot of fun so we did a lot and enjoyed each others company.

I hung out a lot with a girl from Norway too and it’s weird how different your experience can be here depending on your host-family. But we are both enjoying our life here and that’s the most important thing so..

The time is 7.20 am. and my ride to school is coming in 10 min.
We have an away game today so after school, I’m going home to spend time on the treadmill.
Will write more later!

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