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A new day

Just skype’d with my awesome friend Wall-e from Sweden.
Miss her so much! And it’s so weird that she had to hang up to go in to town and her time was 1.30!
I was first making my breakfast and ended the call when I’d almost ate it all.
Is there a better start to the morning? MAYBE. But that would’ve include her as well.
A skype-conference with all of my swedish girls would be the optimal start of my morning. Since I’m the only one that’s up, I don’t have anything more to do than to eat, pack my lunch, do my makeup and put on clothes and to have company while doing all this is just marvelous! haha.

School starts 7.30, it’s 6.36 now.
It ends at 2.32, then, Mary and I are going home to workout since we don’t have volleyball and then we’re going to the football game tonight, I’m so excited! We’re representing the senior volleyball girls since they’re at a tournament and can’t make it.

Tomorrow morning at 8.30, Mary and I are going to the Library to be picked up by a bus full of exchange students for two days in Rolla, whatever we’re gonna do there? I don’t know.

Either way, I hope that this weekend will be fun and I don’t have any plans yet for next weekend and you know what?
I LOVE IT! I don’t want to go out of town every weekend.

Oh well, time to brush my teeth and pack my schoolbag.

(Snack before bed, after the away game yesterday.)
One Apple, half of a banana and peanut-butter. So American!

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