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(4 days earlier)
I’m never going to forget this.
Doing dance jumps in the gym during volleyball water-break.
First time, good!
Second time, falling on my ‘behind’ after the last jump and closing my ‘act’ with the peace sign,
lying on my back with a slaughtered butt.
Hahahaha, the worst ever!

I don’t really know how I got a bruise on my HAND!
I think that I landed with my hand cramped like a fist so that my nail
came on rather strong right in the middle of my paw.

School was good yesterday, my teachers are wonderful and all of my peers are so nice!
We had an intense Volleyball workout too, as usual.
But today we had a day off and I got to practice on my guitar playing, yeah forgot to tell you.
I bought an acoustic guitar the other day and I’m so glad that I did!
I’ve missed it so much and it is so much more fun to practice my singing stuff too.

Now I’m going to look at a paper that I may or may not get as a homework in Collage Composition, if I get that class instead of Literature and Composition. A higher level on the writing part, I think, but without the literature.

Then I have to sleep. I am so tired everyday and sometimes I even think that I still have jet-lag…

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