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One of my best friends, Amanda, is also going away this year and she didn’t even have a host-family until last tuesday and she is STILL flying away before me.
She’s leaving on thursday and my departure is this saturday.

So, she had planned to have a party before she’s leaving and that was supposed to be THIS saturday but after she got her family she changed it to this last saturday.

I was so glad that I could join and be a part of it when it was both heartbreaking and uplifting to see how many friends we’ve got that is supporting us on these journeys.

Amandas boyfriend suddenly walks to the front of the tent (huge party-tent) crying and then he starts a speech about how much he will miss her and yet supporting her since this is what she’s always wanted. Since he is such a clown, he stands there, making jokes while everyone is crying their hearts out. So he’s crying, we’re crying and everybody is laughing together. Such a beautiful speech and after that, I just broke down.
It was the last time I saw one of my best friends.
Camilla were going to Turkey the day after and will not return until after I’ve left so it felt so unrealistic. I couldn’t believe it.

And this friday, I will have some friends over for dinner and I can’t even start to imagine how hard that will be with both Amanda and Camilla gone and all of my friends at my house just a few hours before my flight is taking off.
This is so hard but I will have to endure it so I can have an awesome year in Nixa, Missouri!

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