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Common Questions

Which organization did you travel with? How were they?
Which organization did you have in the US?

STS in Sweden, and they were amazing!
We had a preparation camp with other future exchange students which was so much fun. We had meetings were we learned things so we would be more prepared and know what to, and what not to, expect.
They also helped me when I wanted to switch family and talked to my American organization so the whole process went very fast.

My American organization was Ayusa. They were good, they asked questions monthly, checked in on visits so they were sure that I had a bed and that I was comfortable with the people in the house.

They also arranged really nice exchange student trips and camps so we could get to know people from other countries through that too. But all of that means additional costs.

How much does it cost to be an exchange student for 10 months?

It costs about 100 000 – 120 000 swedish crowns with everything included as the payment to your organization, shopping, school stuff, travels etc. So it all depends on what you do when you’re there. But only the organization fee is about 73 000 depending on which organization you travel with.

Something that I would want to be prepared for are the rules.
There are so many rules that you don’t find out about until you are in the country that you’re visiting. Your American organization will give you a handful of rules that you never even thought would exist in a community. But all you can do is smile and follow them, no matter how unreasonable they might seem if you compare them to your own family-rules.

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