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Daily Archives: August 15th, 2011

Girls girls girls

There wasn’t any Volleyball Practice today, they were only taking pictures. So after that, me and Mary got a ride with Rachael but I had time to do whatever so Me and Rachael went to Olive garden and eat pastas. I’m so glad that I found some real, true girls here! She is so nice [...]

High School

So, High School was different, I can tell you that! My first class was Health and there it was only like Sophomores I think which I didn’t thought about at first. The teacher was awesome and he seems like a funny guy. My second one was American Government where there were almost only sophomores too. [...]

My first day of high school!

I am so nervous… Yesterday I went shopping with Linda and found some more stuff for school and some more clothes. I had to rest my body so today I feel ready for the Volleyball again! I got up 5.40 and took a shower so now I’m sitting here, 6.18 with wet hair and I’m [...]