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Monthly Archives: August 2011

High School

So, High School was different, I can tell you that! My first class was Health and there it was only like Sophomores I think which I didn’t thought about at first. The teacher was awesome and he seems like a funny guy. My second one was American Government where there were almost only sophomores too. [...]

My first day of high school!

I am so nervous… Yesterday I went shopping with Linda and found some more stuff for school and some more clothes. I had to rest my body so today I feel ready for the Volleyball again! I got up 5.40 and took a shower so now I’m sitting here, 6.18 with wet hair and I’m [...]


Yepp, I’m sore. My whole body is sore and especially my arms and my butt, haha. I love how volleyball really works your whole body and I have small muscles in my lower arm that I didn’t knew that I had.. funny though. Practice today was a lot of fun and tomorrow I’m gonna’ go [...]

Volleyball Practice

Okay, so I woke up this morning at 6 am and ran around packing stuff and started to put on some sportswear when I see a text from Mary (the italian exchange-student) that said that we could just watch and didn’t have to join. Eager as I am, I packed the sportswear anyway and put [...]

So Nervous!

Hahaha, apparently.. I’m trying out for the Volleyball team tomorrow at 7 AM! Good luck with that! I’m already nervous about just going to see the school for the first time at 8 and fix my schedule and now I’m first going to a volleyball tryout? I’m gonna’ die…………. Oh well.. Gotta’ sleep now. Will [...]

American food = obesity

No wonder people get so fat by visiting america. First of all, the first American food experience I got this time was Applebee’s since I told them that I liked that restaurant and there I got the Caesar salad w/chicken since that was like the only thing on the menu that wasn’t drowned in cheese! [...]

3.32 am 7 august 2011

(This is going to be a long post. I wrote down some stuff in my notebook so I could remember. And here it goes) We are stuck at Atlanta airport and I’m cold, dissapointed, chocked and so tired. Okey, here’s what happend from the beggining. I woke up Saturday morning at 3.15 since a group [...]


I’m leaving my house in 30 min. I’ll write about yesterday some other time when I can! And I’ll post something when I’ve settled down. It’s gonna’ be a crazy ride Usa, here I come.

Last day in Sweden

Woke up this morning and I don’t really have the time to write anything but I’ll do it anyway.. I have to eat breakfast, put some decorations on our smorgascake, clean my room, my closet and the rest of the house, buy some extra things and swedish things for my host-family, toothbrush, take a shower, [...]


Wow, it was even hard for me to come up with a headline.. And then it hit me, the feeling I was looking for that could explain what I am feeling is just that. Emptiness. Just realized that this is the real deal. God, it hasn’t felt weird until now.. This morning, my close and [...]