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Q and A

I got an email with a few questions and I thought that I might as well post them here too. 1. How long did you stay in school each day? 2. I’ve heard that you can choose your own schedule? 3. How is it with grades there and are there more tests and more studying [...]

Girls Girls Girls

So, basically, this is the girl that I’ve been living with for about 2 months now and I’ll just let the movie explain how much we like it. PEACE OUT Hannie and Jessica 2011-12-31 kl. 16.12


Wow, it was even hard for me to come up with a headline.. And then it hit me, the feeling I was looking for that could explain what I am feeling is just that. Emptiness. Just realized that this is the real deal. God, it hasn’t felt weird until now.. This morning, my close and [...]

Shame on me

I suck at this. Everytime I have the time to sit in front of the computer I start to think: “Hm, maybe I should post something on my blog” And then I sit there.. staring. Without a clue of what I should be writing. This is very difficult for me because, since I want to [...]

Enjoy the time you have

Today I woke up to the laughter of my mom and her friends. Beautiful cougars that I sat with until 3 am this past night. We ate, laughed and told each other out most precious secrets. I have to send some love to them, because I know that they are a few out of a [...]

11 days left!

Tomorrow, it’s my last day on my job as a Barista at a coffee shop. I’ve worked there for three years now and to be honest, it feels great to leave Because since I don’t have that much time left here in Sweden, I need the rest of it for my family and friends instead [...]