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There are going to be many people through your life that will have an impact on your life and the way you choose to live it. Some people will come closer to your heart, some maybe just your brain, but every person you meet is most definitely going to effect you. Even if you don’t even think about it. “It must’ve been weird coming to a place where everybody are strangers to you and you know that you have to put yourself out there, without knowing where you’ll end up in the end.. And knowing that you’re going to leave them at some point.”
Yes, it’s awful but it also, I apologize my choice of words, sucks. I have gotten close to so many people that I can’t even begin to understand it either. I haven’t seen them since that day in the middle of May 2012, and I’m not sure when the time will come and I will see them again.
I have gotten a whole family over in America, who I can come to whenever I’m visiting because I know that they always have a place for me. They have a huge place in my heart and there’s nothing that can change that. Even if I left them, I know that they’re always there for me.
It is so worth it, leaving people in your home country, to get to know a whole new crowd. A crowd that I love.

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