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I felt a sudden urge to pick this up again after a day like this.

I never really understood how much I missed dancing, until today.
I went to my first dance class this year. It’s been about 14 months since my last one.
I was so nervous at first, I walked in and everything was as it has always been before.
The same people, the same fabulous dance teacher, it was just like it was supposed to be.
But I was different.

When we first started to warm up, I got nervous because I didn’t think that I would be able to catch on so fast. Which I actually did. I felt like writing this before I showered just because I was starving and the feelings were still fresh in my body and mind, so I’m pretty high on the endorphins from the workout.
I haven’t felt this free in such a long time. I could move my body in that certain way again that I didn’t even think was possible anymore.

By doing all of the different kinds of sports in the US helped me tremendously. By doing a little bit of volleyball, and mostly track/running/sprinting, my knees (which I’ve had huge problems with before by growing really fast) are more stabilized by muscles that I could only get by running and by doing those different exercises that we did during track. So they don’t hurt anymore! It’s absolutely mind-blowing and by being able to both run and dance, I am up in the clouds!

I could even do my pirouettes, I was so shocked! And when we got to do all of our pointing, kicking, stretching, pliés and grand pliés, my heart was so happy even if my joints weren’t really used to it anymore. And then when we got to dance the choreography that our teacher taught us, I was totally lost with the memorization, but it went better than I thought that it would.

So today, I’ve been studying a few hours before I went to the gym to do cardio, and some tabata with my mom and my brothers girlfriend. I was sweating like crazy and it felt so good!
After that, I ate an egg and a plate of fruits before going to the local coffee shop with my  girlfriends.
I sat there with them until I had to take my bike to the dance.

And now I’m home, ready to hit the shower and go to bed early.. well, in an hour at least, so I can go to the gym in the morning. I am really pumped about all of my plans and the goals that I have set.

This day was awesome, I feel awesome, and I’m going to go to bed smiling, which I haven’t in a very long time.

Happy to be home!

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