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I know that I should make posts everyday but I just don’t really find the inspiration and I didn’t take any pictures this weekend.
But what I can do is to explain my weekend!

I didn’t go to practice because I had to study and fix for that nights football game and  my first real Homecoming!
I went to the football game and they won, like always!
And then Regan, Mary, and I went home to Regan’s house to change to our dresses and fix for the dance.
We arrived to the parking lot by 11.15 pm, and the dance ended at 12.
Before we even went out of the car, we see that the guys are walking OUT of the school.
They had been kicked out and said that it was so lame with all of the rules that they had about how NOT to dance.
So we went to Nakoah’s place to hang out. We were about 7 girls and like 12 guys, and they showed me how to dance in America, hilarious! They are all so nice, and some of the guys thought it was fun to “dance with the Swedish girl”, hahaha!

After that, I spent the night at Regan’s and we talked and talked. We were a little bit tired when we went up at 6(!) for their Volleyball tournament.. which they WON! They won every game that they played and they are totally awesome players! Super nice girls for sure.

That night, I spent with Haley, that lives just the street over from me. And same thing there, we had so much to talk about (I love these girls, they always make me feel so good) and we had slept in the car home from the v-ball too so.
She introduced me to sugar/cinnamon toast and all I can say is; delicious!

Anywho, that sunday, we woke up at 9 and went to the church service that started 10.30.
So much more fun than the Swedish church. And I really think that it is interesting to hear about how they look on Christianity here, which is very different from how we do.

After that, I went home to study, clean my room, and closet.

Today, the day was normal and had a funny switch to it!
I also tried to work as hard as possible at the practice just because I felt that I needed the workout.

Tomorrow, we have a v-ball game at home here in Nixa and we are dressing up in school, as we do on game days.
So I think I’m wearing heels and something soft and comfortable but yet kind of dressy to that.

Friends, school, sports, weekends, American life and just living in general, high on life!

An old picture on Alice and I from a Monday-night when we had a concert at our music-school in Sweden ♥
I didn’t have any make-up and I had had the flu all weekend, not the best when you are going to perform but, I did it anyway!

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  1. alice wrote:

    åh vad du är söt! Sakanr dig finis<3

    Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 08:46 | Permalink

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