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I have gotten use to the food here now and I eat A LOT! All the time, every time I can get my hands on something healthy.
Everyday I bring carrots, watermelon, a big sandwich (dubbeldäckare.. or two), lots and lots of water and some more snacks to have before volleyball. I eat all that and breakfast.

School 7.30- 12.23 (snack somewhere there in between during my 5 minutes breaks)
School 12.46 – 2.32 (snack somewhere there in between during my 5 minutes breaks)
Volleyball 3-6
Some more food
And a little bit more food.

I love to eat, and I always eat healthy meals and snacks.
Once in a while, I give myself treats but since I work out so much, it doesn’t really matter since it’s not that much of it.

Okay, now, all I need is sleep.

Wall-e and I at a costume party.
The Tennisgirl and the Schoolgirl.
Miss you!

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  1. Bella wrote:

    Kul bild! Haha mycket mat med andra ord! Men är säkert för du inte är van vid den maten! Kram

    Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at 14:31 | Permalink

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