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Daily Archives: February 5th, 2013


Some of the Youtube videos that I’ve posted are much better quality if watched on fullscreen on Youtube!


Here are three different clips from graduation. I took some pieces here and there and put it together. The second clip is where the seniors from all of the choirs sing “For Good” from the musical The Wicked. Ellen Pate sings the first verse and I got to sing the second one. To sing that [...]

Project graduation

So, as all of you probably know, the age limit for drinking is 21 while the age limit for a drivers license is 16. Since Graduation is a huge celebration, the society knows that kids might want to party in the wrong way. To prevent people from getting hurt, drinking and driving, or doing something [...]

Pictures from Graduation

We threw our caps, and we were¬†officially graduated. This was so weird, I’ve seen this so many times in the movies and now I finally got to experience it too, with people I love and memories that I will always keep close to my heart. This is Harumi, an exchange student from Japan. She is [...]

Football, Track, Basketball and Volleyball related pictures