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Category Archives: USA 11/12

August 2011 in Pictures

This is how I looked when I first came to Nixa, Missouri. This was my first visit to Silver Dollar city with my first Host-mom and my exchange student friend, Mary from Italy. This is Mary, she was an amazing friend and we could talk about things that no one would ever understand in America. [...]


A few days ago I was asked about the boyfriend I had for some time during my exchange year. “What were you thinking, going into a relationship when you knew that you had to leave?” That’s just the thing, I wasn’t thinking, I let my heart choose for me. I didn’t want to decide anything, [...]


Family, Best friends, friends, boyfriends. There are going to be many people through your life that will have an impact on your life and the way you choose to live it. Some people will come closer to your heart, some maybe just your brain, but every person you meet is most definitely going to effect [...]

Emotional roller coaster

You ARE going to be extremely torn. You will want to go home during the year, but when those last couple of weeks arrive, you wont be able to understand that all of these amazing things actually happend to you and that you were the lucky one to be accepted and loved by your friends [...]

Q and A

I got an email with a few questions and I thought that I might as well post them here too. 1. How long did you stay in school each day? 2. I’ve heard that you can choose your own schedule? 3. How is it with grades there and are there more tests and more studying [...]

Girls Girls Girls

So, basically, this is the girl that I’ve been living with for about 2 months now and I’ll just let the movie explain how much we like it. PEACE OUT Hannie and Jessica 2011-12-31 kl. 16.12


Okay, here’s what we’re (I’m) gonna’ do; THIS WEEK! Post many of my videos for my lovely Swedes Take the time and Create posts even if it’s just a quick update or two Do my homework Go to the volleyball teams’ first away game (tomorrow) Take a human anatomy test ._. Do a monologue and [...]

American Football

Me and Jessica  Regan! Rachael Haley  I got wind in my hair since we had all of the windows + the sunroof opened.  Rachael and I  ”Only for you Ted” – Regan        


(4 days earlier) I’m never going to forget this. Doing dance jumps in the gym during volleyball water-break. First time, good! Second time, falling on my ‘behind’ after the last jump and closing my ‘act’ with the peace sign, lying on my back with a slaughtered butt. Hahahaha, the worst ever! I don’t really know [...]


Okey, yesterday, I couldn’t even log in to my blog and now the theme doesn’t work so I changed it and I have to see what’s wrong when I come home from school. This Friday night, me and the girls where all dressed up and went to a Japanese restaurant where ONE meal would be [...]