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My good friend Regan

Here, my good friend Regan and I are just playing around and she proves that I’ve taught her some expressions in Swedish! And she’s pretty good if I might say so myself. Translation: Du är söt – You are cute Du är snygg – You are hot Jag heter – My name is Jag är [...]

Jessica, my host-sister.

I can’t even begin to explain how much this girl means to me. She was my rock and guardian angel during my exchange year and I would never be who I am today if I wouldn’t have met her. First time we met was at an early volleyball practice at seven in the morning that [...]


This is our football field at Nixa High School 2011. It’s been remodeled since I was there but this is where we had our track practices and meets. I really miss both football and track..

September – pictures

Here you can see pictures from a football game and a volleyball game. There are also some pictures from our locker room, the beautiful girls on the team, and when they’re warming up!

Skype conversation

  This is an old, pretty long Skype conversation with my swedish friend Louise from September or around that time. We’re discussing the differences between the US and Sweden and being a teenager etc. I’m not trying to say that Americans are dumb, not at all. Just that some aren’t very educated when it comes [...]

You’re gonna miss me by Lulu and the lampshades

I thought that this would be an appropriate video to have on here because it shows one of my many Skype-sessions that I had with my mom that was either in Sweden or in Ukraine where my dad lives. No matter where we were, we could always keep in touch. This was right after my [...]

Me singing

This is a video from when I was with my first host-family to visit their farm and we went to sing karaoke at a local bar nearby.

August 2011 in Pictures

This is how I looked when I first came to Nixa, Missouri. This was my first visit to Silver Dollar city with my first Host-mom and my exchange student friend, Mary from Italy. This is Mary, she was an amazing friend and we could talk about things that no one would ever understand in America. [...]